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Your specialists in the supply of main engine spares suitable
for MAN 48/60, MAN 51/60, MAN 58/64 and Pielstick engines


We are a business solely focusing on supplying quality spare parts suitable for Pielstick, MAN 48/60, MAN 51/60 and MAN 58/64 main engines

Our proposition is different because we only supply spares suitable for these engine types. Our focus and attention to detail has seen our business grow year on year as our customer base has grown with us.

Our customers appreciate that we can offer significant knowledge about the spare parts suitable for these engines as well as a stockholding position that allows us to satisfy even the largest request for spare parts.

Availability is not important...

Availability Is Not Important... It’s EVERYTHING!

What you need - here in our warehouse

We aim to have everything that you may require, on stock, all of the time. From the smallest gaskets to all parts that may be required for a large overhaul. We invest in; and have state-of-the-art software systems to support our sales team in identifying the parts you request and offering quotations, normally, within minutes.

Quality: 100%

Quality check. EVERY part we receive goes through the same rigorous checks. All parts received in our warehouse are checked for material and dimensional accuracy.

We have in-house engineers who check the quality of EVERY part that is delivered into us for material and dimensional accuracy

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3D measuring tools that measure our parts to a tolerance of 0,002 mm to ensure that what we deliver is exactly to drawing and all of it‘s tolerances

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We use the latest CAD software and high spec hardware for our drawing database

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WORLD-WIDE BUSINESS. In 2023, we delivered our parts to more than 100 different countries…


We Speak Your Language


Clear communication is vital in this business. We need to understand our customers and their needs and being able to talk in your native language is always positive.

So whatever your needs for MAN 48/60, MAN 51/60, MAN 58/64 or your Pielstick engines, get in touch with us. We speak your language.

Usable Solutions

We always try to think about how the end user will receive our parts and how we can make their lives a little easier

With these thoughts in mind we developed our cylinder head gasket set suitable for MAN 48/60, 48/60 B, 48/60 CR and 51/60 DF engines. Delivered in a "pizza box" style so and all parts listed and it can be seen exactly where each part belongs. We also have similar kits for the fuel pumps available.

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